Sunday, August 31, 2014

Robin Williams Death," 'I am now at one with myself.' Then you're fucking dead, OK? You're out of your body."

Ever since Robin Williams died,
I had really began to question deeply his own personal life story since A) He was my favorite actor/ identical from looks to personality to my dad
B) Loved his deep connection and genuine ease in rewarding his humor to anyone that laid eyes on him or heard him C) I felt like I could see the other side of him. His real side.
To add into the reason why I am going deep on subjects like this on my fashion blog, I've always been a person to look at life objectively in privacy but never share these opinions, and thought's with others'. I would keep it to myself. The best thing to learn from looking at any situation or life into infinity and beyond objectively is that there is no such thing as black or white. In order to understand everything in life and gain the most knowledge you must look at everything in different perspectives. To those that believe in two perspectives, guess your parent's didn't raise you wisely.-
Back on subject before I get pulled by my ADD by the hair.
Currently on the side I made it a little personal joyfiling goal to try to grab any Robin Williams front
cover mag. I respect the guy.
First magazine was gifted to me at work and it is his Rolling Stone front cover. I loved the photo. It's just him with such a flat expression but it also tells it all to those who understand him. I committed to first reading about his article on here, passing up the wasteful information of all ignorant celebrities now a days. I'm there reading well-rootedly till I slowed down to one particular deeper point in the article. I started reading slowly and meditatingly," ' I am now at one with myself." Then you're fucking dead, OK? You're out of your body. " First few thought's that ran through my head were, dang!  If you're not even the slightest bit careful with your punctuation it can be misread in so many different parallels," and, " I get it, but I don't get it." Took me no longer I would say than 5 minutes to really figure out what Robin Williams could've meant with this saying, but the way I pondered it made me realize, he was thinking the same thought's, but maybe one a little more than the other. I felt that this truly translated in him that verbatim; there is no point in reaching for perfection in all the world's human eyes and judgement, we're all going to die some day and be a small memory ( this I say people are hopeful of being ) or forgotten. Sad, but true and glad to understand. This also could be a summary of ' fuck what other's think of me, I'm going to be myself 100% till I die ' vice versa. A dumb person would think that is very contradicting because he killed himself because he was sad. Well, probably. We're all a little sad in this world. I don't believe there's ever been a person that has never felt that basic emotion or had it lingering in the most atomic way in their life, but I also kind of feel like Robin Williams left by choice.

I feel like those word's did define him because he was living word for word in bringing joy to everyone that met him and satisfying them too as an extra, but instead of waiting to die, he killed himself in believing he's freeing himself. In no way am I saying anyone should live up to that solution, but I definitely believe there are people that make you feel like the only way out into freedom is death. Human's like that are the reason there is a percentage of depressed individuals that have countless numbers of people around them, sure, but they are all not real and they make you feel alone despite having all their eye's on you. I will have to end it there since I do have to get to studying and want to kick my Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Design's ass also a big middle finger to anyone that has their doubts in me, and most of all be doing what I love doing without anyone's approval or satisfactory requirement. Master Fashion Design. :)

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