Friday, January 28, 2011

Vintage Military Star Embroidered Blazer For Sale :) ♥

I have started with my plan of obtaining
vintage clothing items to be sold on my etsy and this blazer photographed below is one of the items I plan on selling sometime soon!!! :D I would ENJOY AND LOVE your participation and effort on SPREADING the word about my etsy shop, the items I will be selling and MY BLOG containing most of my information and photos of items!! IT WOULD HELP ME IN MY CAREER OF A STRUGGLING ARTIST -_-.....

Monday, January 24, 2011

My 21st Birthday.....So Far

We decided to go the Chinese restaurant 
in Houston called P.F. CHANG'S. Everything was satisfyingly filling and flavored and the alcoholic drinks I chose were okay~~I was given a free shot with sugar and lime as a finish and an Asian Pear Mojito :P.
I am glad I got to spend it with my close buds that managed to go to my birthday dinner. Truly appreciated. I wore a designer dress that I thrifted. The brand is David Meister.....hachacha


Friday, January 21, 2011

New Fashion Model Illustration In Process Sneak Peek~~Mugler Fall 2011 Photos

My newest illustration in the works. It was originally a drawing I made in class bored, but I liked the outcome so I decided to take a picture to trace. I traced some of the image, as for the rest I am going with the flow. I had the time to sit down to look at different designers. When I saw some of the design's by Mugler, they reminded me of my all time obsession and motivation...Final Fantasy ( video games )
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Mugler Fall 2011 MenswearMugler Fall 2011 MenswearMugler Fall 2011 MenswearMugler Fall 2011 MenswearMugler Fall 2011 MenswearMugler Fall 2011 Menswear
Mugler Fall 2011 Menswear

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I found the entire video on
you tube of the 68th Annual Golden Globe awards luckily :) and WOW~~~Now I know what all the Ricky Gervais random "OMG!!" and "HE WAS SO RUDE AND OUTRAGEOUS" exclamation's were on Google. lol
To my set of view, I really believe his jokes were hilarious, throwing back, and most of it was the truth lol
It was very hilarious and aside from that, how awkward was the friction between Steve Carell and Ricky. I found out it was his decision to leave The Office during the season sooo pretty douchey and that explains the candid comments Gervais made towards Carell.
Aside from that, I WISHED!!! AND REALLY WANTED THE BLACK SWAN AND INCEPTION TO TAKE MORE AWARDS HOME!! For music, I really thought Inception should have won BUT.....The Social Network wins. Best Animated Film TOY STORY 3!! :D memories.....BEST ACTRESS!! NATALIE PORTMAN! HOORAY! She looked very beautiful and adorable in the progress of her pregnancy. Her rosey pink silk dress made it PERFECT on her. Besides Natalie Portman being one of the best dressed women there, Olivia Wilde and Mila Kunis looked gorgeous and Shmexxxeeh~~~

<b>BEST: Mila Kunis</b><br>
Mila Kunis, draped in Emerald Vera Wang, lights up the night. Kunis was nominated for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama for 'Black Swan.'
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Mila Kunis.jpg
<b>GREEN with Envy: Catherine Zeta-Jones</b><br>
Catherine Zeta-Jones deserves a little recognition for her classic strapless dress. Zeta-Jones beamed on the red carpet with husband Michael Douglas. She gushed over how good he's been looking since his battle with cancer.
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<b>BEDAZZLED with Bling: Natalie Portman</b><br>
This glowing soon-to-be mom heated up her dress with a Swarovski crystal red rose – front and center!
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Golden Globes 2011 Red Carpet Fashions

68th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Show

Golden Globes 2011 Red Carpet Fashions
Golden Globes 2011 Red Carpet Fashions