Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Saturated Emotions Acrylic Painting :)

One of my newest projects for my painting class is this saturated emotions painting. We had to use saturated colors and portray emotions. At first I was going to do a scattering of body silhouettes in high hues of colors,but I went with this simplicity. I am glad with the out come and the feedback I am getting from my dearest and honest friends :). If anyone is interested, I would love to sell it or not,just give away for free at a public place :D!!! I have it listed on etsy already together with a David Meester Dress!! that is really something!

Friday, February 11, 2011

2011 Brass Ring Awards :) GOOD LUCK TO ME

I am filled with the most riveting jollies lol because I just joined the Brass Ring Awards for 2011!! It is an art competition for graphic design, illustrations, and computer graphics. I entered my finished recent piece that I posted a few days ago, VW GTI transforming into a Strawberry. I really did like the outcome and feedback from people in this piece :) and I am hoping it is worthy of this competition and I do win!! >XD I need some prizes and thing's for my title and portfolio. I have to build myself up already with work and get more recognized, really. For those that do read, wish me good luck and feel free to join the competition. It is for High School Students and College students only.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Transformation of VW GTI....to Strawberry :)

One of my recent projects was to work on the
idea of transforming an organic object to a mechanical object. I right away thought of a strawberries' form, and then thought of a Volkswagen GTI ( I love them so much too ) alors!! I chose this imagination into my art. I really liked it a lot!! This piece was my most praised one in class too. I even heard a girl say that it looks like a legit advertisement for Volkswagen! :D How awesome is that ( AHEM! volkswagen...buy my art ) Now my mission is to sell this wonderful creation. I will be pricing it at $150/negotiable since I will be framing it to be prepared for display. IF INTERESTED PLEASE MESSAGE, SPREAD THE WORD, AND DON'T FORGET TO FOLLOW AND COMMENT....YOUR WORDS ARE IMPORTANT

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Fashionable Artist Messenger Purse For Sale

So I just finally made my temporary etsy shop!
and I am really excited to sell my first item, which is a brown messenger purse. It is very cool because it has all these pockets and dividers, which is why I also named it mainly an artist purse, or for those that carry their life with them ( like me ) lol. Please make sure to check it out AND TELL PEOPLE!!! THAT WOULD MEAN SO MUCH! I can not wait to add more beautiful items. This one was kind of hard to let go haha~~~