Wednesday, March 28, 2012

♥Vintage Tennis Skirt, Cupcakes, and Pink Sunglasses♥

Here are some photos on 
my round about in Houston, TX today. I went shopping with my mama bear to clothing stores. I bought a tennis pleated skirt that is just like those worn in the 30's/40's. If I had more money I would've bought some more thing's from this awesome store I discovered!! It is called Happy Clothes! The stupid thing of me is, I had my camera with me, so I could have took pictures of the clothing, including this cute short polka dot dress  that poofs out very Sailor Moon style, and this other dress that reminded me of the Black Swan/Swan Lake, with a peacock design on the side.
I also made a stop to Frosted Bettys' cupcakes which is Montrose
close to the heights. The reason I love these cupcakes is because the ingredients are all green. They are "organic". Plus they don't upset my ESTOMAC ( stomach ) so I don't have to run crapping myself to the restroom ( I am lactose intolerant.....I don't pay attention though :( ). I also finally bought myself pink sunglasses since my eyes have been burning with the fire of a thousand suns while driving, and just being outside altogether. They were only $8 so nothing expensive. I needed something desperately so until the day I purchase some Ray Bans :O.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

New Clothes♥Forever 21 Pink Blazer, Express BW striped Skirt♥

Here are some photo
updates!! I recently went shopping, and bought myself a blazer from Forever 21. It was kind of difficult shopping, since I had not been to the mall in eons. I had to visit 4 stores in order to finalize my decision on what blazer to buy. I also had to exchange my EXPRESS skirt since I can never find my size -_-. It is difficult finding clothes to fit my skinniness of a body. It fit perfectly, now that I had exchanged it. Seems like a BAMF combination with the blazer. I do see myself purchasing another blazer, and really, searching for that perfect one that fits me :O. Another of my purchases was make up, so I will be posting some photos reviewing the cosmetic I bought.
Asides making my closet gain a little

more weight, I have been working quick pace on art work. I did somewhat of a self portrait of myself as shown in the picture. I wanted to do the comparison of the before, and after scans of both. I chose this because I liked the hair not colored in, and just as well colored in. The hair was drawn in Photoshop. That is my practice for mastering gorgeous locks "digitally". I know I will get there!! If you want to share any tips, info, and comments, feel free!