Sunday, March 11, 2012

New Clothes♥Forever 21 Pink Blazer, Express BW striped Skirt♥

Here are some photo
updates!! I recently went shopping, and bought myself a blazer from Forever 21. It was kind of difficult shopping, since I had not been to the mall in eons. I had to visit 4 stores in order to finalize my decision on what blazer to buy. I also had to exchange my EXPRESS skirt since I can never find my size -_-. It is difficult finding clothes to fit my skinniness of a body. It fit perfectly, now that I had exchanged it. Seems like a BAMF combination with the blazer. I do see myself purchasing another blazer, and really, searching for that perfect one that fits me :O. Another of my purchases was make up, so I will be posting some photos reviewing the cosmetic I bought.
Asides making my closet gain a little

more weight, I have been working quick pace on art work. I did somewhat of a self portrait of myself as shown in the picture. I wanted to do the comparison of the before, and after scans of both. I chose this because I liked the hair not colored in, and just as well colored in. The hair was drawn in Photoshop. That is my practice for mastering gorgeous locks "digitally". I know I will get there!! If you want to share any tips, info, and comments, feel free!

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