Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Here are pictures of some of the art from talented students at San Jac Central College that I liked the most and were included in the Fall show of 2010. I myself was included which I am excited for because I finally got to display my own art. It was a painting and if you view or read my blog or facebook then you know which painting it is. There were more photos of other pieces BUT they seem to have disappeared from my cameras SIM card :( BOO! Maybe I could sneak by one more time to take a shot of the artworks. Enjoy and feel free to comment and follow.



 Also some of my photography. I don't have enough time to  edit out the toilet paper of this pic but when I do I will. HAHAHA!

Friday, November 19, 2010

New Sketchbook Drawings :) Un homme en les cafe son avec cigarette...

The second drawing is a quick sketch as for the first I am going to continue adding more to it and that is why I named my blog post title, after that drawing.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


                                                          My travels today shopping for clothes 
brought me upon these magnificent shoes that I scavenged for through many piles, areas, and corners for the second shoe!!! Finally, I found it sitting down on the shoe rack the whole time. They are very comfortable. Probably my FIRST comfty pumps ever. They are also very soft and sleek.....AND AWESOME! :D The designer is ROBERTO FIA'LE which is even more ridiculously mad awesome because they are from Spain~~~the paradise that I long and dream for many morning's, day's, and night's....I love Spain by the way hahaha! HERES SOME PICS ¡¡¡ENJOY!!