Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Best Photos of Outfits at British Fashion Awards and More...

First off, I'll start with 
my desired bra at the moment. I am infatuated with the sleek sexiness this bra offers for a woman. This is what I love about lingerie though. For me it has to be sleek, classy, luxuriously unique and different, and of course.....SEXEH. Anything with minimal details, is boring for me, but that is only in lingerie. By the way, I am positive this bra was used recently in a photo shoot with video vixen Emily Ratajkowski in the color red.


Rosie Huntington Whitely

Kate Moss in Alexander McQueen
Rita Ora

Marc Jacobs

Arizona Muse

J.W. Anderson

Friday, May 3, 2013

White Floral Cropped Top Design for College Sneak Peek

Here is a sneak peek look 
at a design I am making for one of my classes in college. I dazzled myself into a impetus disposition on the outcome of my "first" garment. I still have some minor tailoring I have to complete like top stitching, and perhaps choosing between buttons or hook & eyes for the back, but my method of constructing this top was draping. I can't wait to try pattern making, because I feel like that will be my forté instead of draping, but despite my somewhat lack for draping, and the way it works, I managed to make this amazing top, with lining for the first time! :D I have attempted it before, but always failed in some way. This time I succeeded, and it feels great. The pins are visible from me pinning for the top stitch.  Tell me some opinions of what you guys think of my design. The task behind my design though is, I was given Morocco culture and Victorian costume history as points to translate into my design, and combine them together swiftly. Tell me how it looks, what price range you think it falls in, anything you feel. :)

Friday, February 22, 2013

Jennifer Lawrence Miss Dior Photos Revealed...Over Photoshoped??

I had been awaiting this prolonged 
moment to finally glance my eyes upon Jennifer Lawrence's Miss Dior Campaign photos. I loved the embracing idea that they were going for a natural and unique beauty unlike many models/actresses that are just cookie cuts'. Jennifer Lawrence definitely has a rare look and personality together with charming candidness that makes her very relate-able, but unique like previously stated. 

Jennifer Lawrence for Miss Dior handbag campaign shot by Willy Vanderperre 

I completely love her unrivaled beauty, and 
clearly Dior's photo editors or the photographer that shot this completely over-butchered the photo's with the extreme tweaking. Of course, her weight is one of the details they would go to in lead to change. They made her look very abnormal for her height, and even to fit her face, and head. It just shows more excessive, and unnecessarily untalented "photo editors" striving toooo hard for an overkill in editing photo's where the common eye can point out such mistakes, and details. Feel free to share your comments, and thoughts of Miss Jennifer Lawrences photo shoot campaign for Dior.

Jennifer Lawrence out with friends (2/14/2013) [HQ] - jennifer-lawrence Photo

“Because I started [acting] very young, and I’m still very young, it’s hard for me to be serious sometimes and really focus. I’m like ‘Rah rah rah rah! I don’t want to! I’m bored!’”


Jacket by Burberry London Leather Sleeve Coat


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Alice Temperley's Consistency and What Jennifer Lawrence has been wearing lately...

Hi everyone!
My schedule has sort of blown up into this chaotic mess I must admit lately, mainly because working at a restaurant at night. It really throws you off after a while, and then going to school, but I don't mind it. I love working hard like a crack head haha! Adding on, I am anticipating a expedited response from either Kate Spade :) to be working at their Houston Galleria location, or this other company that for right now I must keep at a whisper. ( not a stripper ) Today I wanted to revisit U.K. designer Alice Temperley's devoted designs. Looking at her collections in the past, you can indubitably see the consistency of her promising vision, and compositions'. For some reason it works for her to keep this corresponding pattern flowing.
I completely love the upbeat minimal colors keeping a sophistication together with the patterns. Besides the the printed patterns, I love the actual clothing patterns to achieve such looks, volume, and movement. Favorite fabric choice would be the lace, and sheers.

My latest addiction for quite some obsessive time now, is Jennifer Lawrence conventionally, and also her wardrobe. I have to give it up to Rachel Zoe her stylist if she is genuinely dressing up Jennifer Lawrence or if Jennifer is at the same staying faithful to her style, because all the items she has worn fit her like a glove, and look perfect for her body, skin tone, and her in general. Here are some of the recent designers she has been wearing.



Stella McCartney

Monday, January 21, 2013

Houston's Fashion Week 2012

Completely lashing myself
with a whip to have never updated my blog with Houston Fashion Weeks images/videos, and also being away for quite sometime. I will be staying updated with as much posts as I can. Most of my time is occupied with work, and school which just started up again so it is a lot of shopping for fashion design supplies that are going to empty out my pockets, but all worth it. 

 I really believed the model right in the middle with a surprised face looks like the main character from true blood.