Friday, February 22, 2013

Jennifer Lawrence Miss Dior Photos Revealed...Over Photoshoped??

I had been awaiting this prolonged 
moment to finally glance my eyes upon Jennifer Lawrence's Miss Dior Campaign photos. I loved the embracing idea that they were going for a natural and unique beauty unlike many models/actresses that are just cookie cuts'. Jennifer Lawrence definitely has a rare look and personality together with charming candidness that makes her very relate-able, but unique like previously stated. 

Jennifer Lawrence for Miss Dior handbag campaign shot by Willy Vanderperre 

I completely love her unrivaled beauty, and 
clearly Dior's photo editors or the photographer that shot this completely over-butchered the photo's with the extreme tweaking. Of course, her weight is one of the details they would go to in lead to change. They made her look very abnormal for her height, and even to fit her face, and head. It just shows more excessive, and unnecessarily untalented "photo editors" striving toooo hard for an overkill in editing photo's where the common eye can point out such mistakes, and details. Feel free to share your comments, and thoughts of Miss Jennifer Lawrences photo shoot campaign for Dior.

Jennifer Lawrence out with friends (2/14/2013) [HQ] - jennifer-lawrence Photo

“Because I started [acting] very young, and I’m still very young, it’s hard for me to be serious sometimes and really focus. I’m like ‘Rah rah rah rah! I don’t want to! I’m bored!’”


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