Friday, May 3, 2013

White Floral Cropped Top Design for College Sneak Peek

Here is a sneak peek look 
at a design I am making for one of my classes in college. I dazzled myself into a impetus disposition on the outcome of my "first" garment. I still have some minor tailoring I have to complete like top stitching, and perhaps choosing between buttons or hook & eyes for the back, but my method of constructing this top was draping. I can't wait to try pattern making, because I feel like that will be my forté instead of draping, but despite my somewhat lack for draping, and the way it works, I managed to make this amazing top, with lining for the first time! :D I have attempted it before, but always failed in some way. This time I succeeded, and it feels great. The pins are visible from me pinning for the top stitch.  Tell me some opinions of what you guys think of my design. The task behind my design though is, I was given Morocco culture and Victorian costume history as points to translate into my design, and combine them together swiftly. Tell me how it looks, what price range you think it falls in, anything you feel. :)