Monday, February 27, 2012

NARS Lipsticks in Heat Wave & Schiap Reviews and Photos♥♥♥

 NARS Schiap $26
 Nars Heat Wave $26
 Vintage Polka Dot shirt
 So this is my new hair color! ( Mon nouvelle couleur de cheveux. ) This is the actual true
color on the photos I took of myself. I really loved the outcome of the hair dye. I can not tell you how long my hair yearned for some color, not to mention a bright, lighter color. The products I bought for this particular hair color are Loreal HICOLOR for Dark Hair ( thank my braveheart Mel Gibson hair ) in RED and COPPER, with ION 40 peroxide. If you mix both, in case you are wondering yourself, you get a tone of both colors, which I really liked. You can see it throughout parts of my hair. I will be stickin to this color for quite a while. I noticed as well, when I use this product, it kind of weighs my hair down, my hair doesn't look like a gremlin frizzy, and it has more shine.

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