Sunday, May 2, 2010

daily sketches....and more

So here are some more daily sketches I have done but I haven't had the time to update my blog with them. Besides that my purse was stolen also :( with all my artist pens and my digital camera I used to take pictures of my drawings( BASTARDS! CHIENNES! ) I hope they die....I'm sure they will but! I am left with no choice but to use my cell phone -_- which actually takes good quality pictures.
This is me practicing drawing men and guys more which I really need. Also practicing proportion. My major negatives in drawing :( but in order for me to get better I am drawing and sketching people and faces I know or see anywhere ( which I like to do) I like to draw faces that appeal to me and I think have a wonderful unique  beauty like my bf,rafael nadal, and the newest in my Crazy hot greek god list!! is Aaron Johnson if you couldn't tell by the drawing on the right hehehe! I couldn't help my self lol but it amazes me always seeing these super unique greek god guys with fugly turds that just got shit out and rolled all over dirt with buck teeth like his wife YEESH! She looks like a fucking seagull......seriously....think about can you have sex with that lol
Moving alone lol I had to get that out of my are more drawings I made with my favorite one of a kind pens that were STOLEN TOO :O!!! PUTAIN DE MERDE!!cheap asses....The second drawing is of my ami :D The duck is somewhat suppose to link to me lol  comment or follow if view my work



  1. mmmmm chomp! Aaron Johnson! Hey Mr. Johnson! I loooove joooo!!! man, he fine! awesome drawings dude< you are getting better at drawing dudes for sure. :) i like your tablet drawing too. its suuuper good.

  2. wow you have come along way since middle school/high school with your drawings! VERY talented homie. =D