Tuesday, June 8, 2010


This is my newest painting in the works right now. The idea came from me being into fashion and photography ( a mixture of both ) or you could say fashion photography. I wanted to paint something I would be ardent in doing so.  I will later on paint my minds illustrations of clothing, though ,because I am eager to and really do love fashion and want to express that infatuation :) Another thing that may seem "Ce que l'enfern?" but Je M'en Fich! what people care, is this painting is also being made dedication to one of my recent cats that passed away. ( may she R.I.P. )
My first step was to lightly draw the image with pencil on the canvas. It really has helped to an extreme get everything proportional not Out Of WaCk! Generally....my paintings end turning out like that. I blame my shitty vision for that one ( since I am blind ) As much as it did help me, there's this partial confused guilt inside of me if weather this tactic of mine to escape from my flaw is.....Cheating??? I never want to be considered a trace artist. There's something about tracing that just makes you Scoff like an old man with a long beard in discontent disbelief o_O!! This wouldn't be considered tracing, but there's just something that slaps me around inside LOL so yea I hope I finish it


  1. although your not done it looks really good! ...I have a huge respect for those that can paint. Im still in the process of trying to understand mixing colors.

  2. Im so sorry about your kitty, i lost min2 months ago too :(

    really beautiful painting, cannot wait to see it finished!!