Tuesday, December 21, 2010


       I gladly enjoyed the remake of Tron.
They made the original Tron Justice and the special effects were way ahead of their time! But I imagined since Disney apparently blew $200 MILLION DOLLARS OUT OF THEIR ASS!! Holy crap!! Michael Wilkinson is the talented costume designer for this movie, along with his assistant Christine Clark. The suits cost to make were on the range of $60,000-$100,000.....just about beats any wedding dress or designer outfit out there O_O I would so wear the suit for my wedding. Even better if I knew how to sew and took lessons from Michael Wilkinson...I could die in peace. I thought the cast was perfect...and of course BELLE!!( BEAUTIFUL) and MAGNIFIQUE ( PERFECT) The most gorgeous girl in the universe Olivia Wilde joins the side of Garrett Hedlund HAMAMAMAMA!!! I never knew there were such good looking men like this before with perfect facial proportions....hahaha!! According to Garret, him and Olivia have had a 7 year friendship from the date of Tron :O OH DEAH! What I would do to get her gorgeous hypnotizing cat eyes and strong contoured face "sigh"...Tron Legacy has so far made close to $50 MILLION in the first week and there is still more to come. It blew my mind in every single aspect, FASHION, SPECIAL EFFECTS, THE CAST, THE STORY....and it will certainly be added to my movie collection as soon as it is available!


Tron Legacy movie costume display

Gem Tron Legacy Siren costume

Tron Legacy Siren movie costume

Tron Legacy Gladiator Lightsuit costume

Original Tron Legacy movie costumes

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