Monday, May 2, 2011

New Illustrations Made For Client♥♥ BeryPink Boutique

I recently got in fortunate touch 
with a client that is seeking their companies logo and how exciting of a task is this for me. The company is called BeryPink Boutique and how the legendary story goes of their birth is, they started off making custom frame mirrors. From then on, their customers really loved the items and demand for more came. From that, they decided to expand on their custom items into hairbrushes. They are striving to expand a lot to give customers more of what they want and it is looking really good for them. As for me making the logo, this is something I can definitely play around with and have fun making, but also take as a challenge to satisfy my client and also help them see what works for them :). My main goal for the logo is to represent the beginning of Bery Pink Boutique by symbolizing their starting point with the mirror. The logo has a story behind it and it is sure of grabbing customers attention if they ever do expand. The following are in order of the logo's/images I have made, in quite a quick time which I am proud of myself ( meeting deadlines ). Feel free to comment from what I have explained of the company and see which one YOU think is Bery Pink's Logo!♥ 

 I LOVE THIS ONE. I think maybe the colors in the hear above the I need to be a little saturated.

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  1. Oooh, I like them! I love the second to last and last one the most. :) And I like the first pic of the girl. Lol.