Sunday, December 4, 2011

Gold Leaf Painting, Fashion Art.....more ART♥♥♥

I have been quite busy with moi vie ( my life ). I have been digging for freelance artist jobs. Particularly having to do with fashion or being more free in being artistic. Besides that, with the art work I have been working on, I have been making it very related and usable for fashion. I have been creating recently a lot of computer illustrations that can be printed on t shirts. With that being said, I am working once again, but this time more serious, to create my own fashion brand. I will be teaming up with my Best Friend, Izzy Torres who also has her own personal blog where she posts up her own beautiful artwork. Sticking with those that are close to me and share the same vision with me is my top priority right now with continuing with this idea.
I have known her all of my life.♥
Together with both of our creativity, minds, and ideas, we are sure to come up with the greatest inceptions that can be brought to real life!
We are looking right now for small lot manufacturers. We are seeking only in AMERICUH!....mainly New York clothing manufacturers. If not, manufacturers in UK, Europe, and India. If anyone knows any, feel free to list away. Of course we seek reasonable quality of clothing too.
This Thursday too, just mentioning, I will be doing a fashion event at Neiman Marcus doing quick sketches of people! I am excited to be doing this, especially because with that, I will get connections, I will get more fame, I get to see all the fashion, and I will be doing something that I love.♥
I have loaded up on my supplies. 

Some of my pictures featured here are also just from one of my nights out in Houston ice skating and eating the greatest SUPAAH! at House of Pies.

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