Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Old Classy Beautiful Times

During the weekend I did nothing much but work and homework and on my free time I just decided to look at the actors and actresses of the old times like the 40's, 50's and much more. Gene Kelly has always been my most favorite actor and dancer ( better than michael jackson I believe He is 15 in actor legends ). He kicks ass at dancing, choreographed all his own dances, he could sing, he could act, he is the full package and definition of TALENT I TELL YOU.

 My most favorite dances of his are the American In Paris 15 minute looooong dance ( which if I remember from the top of my head cost $500,000 just to make!! :O holy mother! ) Anchors Aweigh dance with Jerry mouse ( this dance was remade on Family Guy but instead it was Stewie I'm sure you know what I speak of ) and last is SINGIN' IN THE RAIN!! :) As cheesy as it may sound Listening to this song when everyone's dying and everything's shitty really cheers me up lol YOU SHALL LIVE ON FOREVER IN MY HEART GENE KELLY!http://api.ning.com/files/YspO*YmPsuHsY142uzZBF*fVzles4yCvYubZN2jRvdNhvnl1LyFjjQW98ykMJ8uCqJpiF60*AAyu6WcrLojQiPh9pd7wczyw/genekelly.jpg

While I was looking at the acting legends list I decided to look at every one of them and then others I knew of too. O_O The actresses I know of from back then are sooooo gorgeous! Gorgeous is an under statement for how beautiful they are ( they make me feel like the elephant man.....or a turd ) Here are some pictures of the Actresses I know of from back then.
BRIGITTE BARDOT ( the reason I was named Brigitte lol I wish I had the sexyness perfectly shaped cat eyes plump lips and curves they all have )

Brigitte Bardot by .Juliette..
VIVIEN LEIGH ( she was Scarlett in Gone With The Wind )
ELIZABETH TAYLOR ( as crack head as she is now she was gorgeous as hell )

SOPHIA LOREN ( truely an italian beauty and most favorite)


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