Monday, July 5, 2010

♥ Angel Wing Headphones and High Heels and Rafael Nadals Victory♥

First of all......really kewl headphones of a picture I saw. I don't know where to get them though and what brand or where they come from unfortunately :( which is a shame because HOW KICK ASS ARE THEY??!!

and also....these Alexander McQueen angel wing shoes are purely out of this world O_O! I want them even though it would be so difficult to walk falling everywhere. It's kewl how he implemented the angel wing into the shoe making it look royally.
    also  RAFAEL NADAL WON WIMBLEDON :D!!!against Thomas Berdych here's a video describing the whole thing ( with a gay song in the background ) . The match would've been more interesting and epic if he had gone up against Federer I believe . He beat this guy in straight sets. How effin adorable is that little roll he does :) haha! Nom....he looks like my novio/petit ami.


  1. You miss spelled "straight" scrub.

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