Monday, July 19, 2010


'Inception' Tops Weekend Box Office
DiCaprio's 'Inception' Garners Rave Reviews 'Inception' star Leonardo DiCaprio is about to blow your mind - not with the gun - in one of the best mind benders ever made.
Second the GORGEOUS Marion Cottillard who's character at times creeped me out and gave me goosebumps at time :O but still beautiful
Marion Cotillard in "Inception"Marion Cotillard appears only in dreams, causing trouble for all concerned, including Ken Watanabe.marion-cotillard-1 
and third HAMAMAMAMA!!! Joseph Gordon Levitt! who has aged with grace :) and his fighting scenes were ridiculously bad ass.
Everyone was so well bad ass dressed in this movie too which I also loved. It wasn't too try hard. It makes me want to dress up my man like this even more :D lol We could both be dream professionals in our unique intimidating suits. Another thing that was outstanding was the music!! but of course. It added a lot to the movie and it was outstanding that I want the soundtrack predictably. It's also what made me think of Marion Cotillard in this movie as creepy hehehe :D
SPOILER ALERT!! The Ending was even correctly made. It wasn't those stupid endings, but more of, you can think of what to plot up in your mind of what has happened and how it ends. I'm leaning more towards, by far, that he was dreaming the whole thing!! There's just some thing's that convince me that he was dreaming it, but I also still have that 1/4 thought of that it wasn't a dream O_o.....Once this movie lands on shelves :) I will be sure to purchase it and the soundtrack~~~I can't wait!! 


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