Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Here are a few pictures of me and my best friend, also artist, working on our newest projects
that we plan on exhibiting. I am not completely done with mine, since it is also in oils and needs time to dry, but I am close to being done. ♥LOVING THE OUTCOME♥ It is also a class assignment, but if everything goes well, I have the chance of exhibiting my arts in DEUX EXHIBITS!! I also have pictures of these BAD A-- PAIR OF SHOES I WILL BE SELLING ON MY ETSY accompanied with the link. Please do make sure to visit my etsy, comment below, and follow♥ I am hoping everything goes better for me since just today I also got into a car crash. I am still alive clearly, a bit soar, and pissed since my "brand new" Toyota Corolla 1997 got completely wrecked because of this retard that cut us off completely on purpose, but this bad luck needs to go away....ALL I WANT IS TO LIVE HAPPILY WITH MY ART :O!!

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