Monday, April 18, 2011

Thrift Store Lookin ♥♥♥ Akira Jacket and Vintage Clothes in Montrose, Houston

Down below are a couple of updated images
I have posted on my ETSY from the David Meister designer dress I am selling. The only possible way to show the full grace and elegance of beauty was to model it on someone, so I chose my good friend and artist Izzy Alessandra Torres. The dress really suit her body, and really shows you the dress at it's fullest potential on the body. The drapes and contours are magnificently gorgeous and to die for. Again, I wanted to keep it, but my body type is just not casted for this dress ( I WISH! ) in this matter, I wanted to pass it along to a very elongated, yet curvaceous woman that can fill it beautifully. Other images are from our weekend visit to Montrose and wearing some fashion items to our interest. I LOVED THE RED JACKET!!! It was $45 dollars :(. If I had it, there wouldn't be a day I would not wear it hahaha!! It is very reminiscent of the anime Akira. All I would need is the motorcycle, but that can be substituted by a bike ( with little bells ) lol
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