Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Great Gatsby Baz Luhrmann 2012 Customes

So I decided to do a special blog
of the day focusing on Baz Luhrmann's newest film, The Great Gatsby coming out December 2012.
The reason why I decided to do it also is because one of my favorite movies from him happens to be
 Romeo + Juliet from the first time I watched it when I was young!! :) I always loved the strange, and different quality he had in his movies at the time he made them. He made his movies seem realistic, but at the same time like a dream. He also made them very relevant to our time. He takes these old stories or plays, and adds this whole exciting twist that can keep your attention, by staying updated with fashion, music, and actors, added into his films.
The costume designer, who actually happens
to be Baz Luhrmann's wife, is Catherine Martin.

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