Tuesday, June 5, 2012

♥♥Fashion Photographs of Me Over the Hot Weekend♥♥

Since I have no one to take pictures of
me, it can be difficult, and I can be hesitant to try, and angle my camera correctly to get that perfect shot ( mainly because it is difficult as hell ), but I try to make it work. This June weekend I felt it though to take some fashion photos of me dressed up for the fiery weekend we had hear in Texas, and many more to come. I have made some purchases too that I need to post. The dress I bought from a thrift store, but still hanging with the tag. It is from MetroPark.  The green flower skirt is from a japanese boutique in Houston called Nono. I love the store, and I would love it more if I was rolling in more dough when I go. I am conveniently poor when I go there. hahaha! Enjoy the photos!

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