Friday, November 16, 2012

New Fashion Designs Hounds Tooth Pencil Skirt w/ Bow for sale on ETSY

Hello to all my fellow followers.
I know it has been a while since I had refreshed my blog with the status of thing's, but I am definitely remembering to post many thing's. I actually have stacks of information to pin up on here for your eyes. One of the many subjects I want to cover are Houston Fashion Week. I can not finish saying how much of a fun experience this was for me and the motivation, and high honor I had to volunteer for this. I basically feel like the most proud Lion posing nobly on a rock, with a fluffy chest hahaha! I do not want to post that late, so that will be coming. For now, I do want to update to all my audience that I have re opened my ETSY shop, which is getting items like fashion designs made by me consisting of hand sewing ( haute couture ) and also machine sewing. I am also still selling other vintage items that are hard to find. Right now I have blazers, and a hounds tooth print pencil skirt with a bow on the back that was basically made by draping ( without a dress form ). I mainly played with the fabric, and I really loved the outcome. It fits me like a glove which I am hoping fits others too. For me, it is hard to find clothes that are flattering, just because I have a naturally skinny body. Just like plump women, there are also those that just never gain any weight, so I am hoping that this skirt is purchased by someone that will be very happy with what they receive.

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