Friday, November 23, 2012

Vinyl Greek Knee Draped Skirt

Hello everyone. Of course you know the drill, in order for something to be considered "Haute Couture" which is a high class, hand sewn garment sewn with "couture" techniques, or just by hand, it can only be considered this if the garment is made in France ( for those who did not know ). I do not know much couture sewing techniques, but I do know most of the simple hand sewing stitches, and see replicate the techniques that are obvious in garments. It does have slit to show the leg starting half way from the thigh. This design I created with a metallic vinyl.I have always loved Greek history being from the marble sculpted statues by Michelangelo and of Nike.

I love the draping details that are shown. In this piece, I en-captured that, and I am quite glad by how much I achieved it. The fabric does not create an itch. It is completely a draping fabric. It can also be worn two ways. The fabric draping can be worn/switched to both sides of the hip. The longest part of the skirt is 35 inches, and the shortest being 25 inches. I did make it where the waist size limit is 26½ inches or 26 exactly. Hip size also has a limit of 34 inches or smaller.

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