Saturday, January 23, 2010


I recently finally received my camera I have been dying about and complaining for from my boyfriend who I am really thankful for. I felt so happy and jipper when I saw the box sitting there at the front of my house awaiting it's master. I glided over to it and it's marvelous I tell you! The flash on this Diana camera is BRIGHT AS AN EXPLOSION THAT LIT UP THE WORLD AND MADE IT DAY AGAIN! I felt like a blind chicken with crazy light blue eyeballs after wards. I really can not wait to use it. I waited a month for this camera since it is a Christmas present (very late ) and the only negative was there is no film given but I do have patience and I really do appreciate having and being given this Diana Snowcat Lomo Camera. By the way, the film required is 120 film for those who purchase a Diana camera soon.


  1. wah dude thats awesome! how much was it? I want one! I can probably get it for Adam, he wants to do some photography :P