Sunday, January 31, 2010


                                My day yesterday revealed to be quite an adventure....all for the sake of tennis strings and a grommet. Basically for TENNIS EXPRESS. Most of the time I was pretty nervous being on the freeway with my ami because I could see the fear in his eyeballs and him shitting himself from all the crazy hectic people driving so my life flashed before my eyes at times since he is a slight new freeway driver. YOU NEED TO KNOW WHERE YOU'RE GOING ON THE FREEWAY AHEAD OF TIME!! Any who, we arrived at the correct place. The whole concern was finding our way back D:!! Not only that but our main matter was we had moneys for the army of pay tolls on the way back. 
                        We were following Google maps on my boyfriends G1, which had died but revived by buying a car charger, that kept telling us to get on the freeway but we had no money so we had to find our way back on the side roads ( whatever you call them). We even tried to outsmart the system by taking the walking route but on one part it was telling us to go on a one way street fine for walking but a failed attempt :(. After many failed attempts we had to give up eventually and stopped on this spooky side of the road with no lights at all and since my boyfriend thought he was driving on the wrong side of the road he pulled over. 
                           I was crapping my pants completely and watching the side view mirror in case any crazy rapists with chainsaws didn't pop out.We had to call his mama to come find us and tell her we were lost. Thankfully we moved to another location that was a gas station ( very isolated but HUMANS WERE THERE YAY!) and we were found and followed his mother back. I felt unfulfilled though after that experience because we didn't find our own way back so I will expect to visit Tennis Express again someday and pull through the entire mission successfully. =_=

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