Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Finished Painting Pastel Fashion Cat Model ♥

 I finally finished my oil and acrylic painting of my 
"Pastel Fashion Cat Model"
The look I was going for " Fashion Photoshoot or Photography" since I like that style so much and since
I don't have all those fancy accessories right now to make my images I take look or compare to that level. 
( sooon! I just need money! ) I create my own painting of what I would love to shoot in an image ( somewhat)
I do HOPE TO SELL this piece of art somehow to someone. 
I really like the way it turned out and would appreciate it more seeing someone else blown away with a 
high liking to my style and art, and possibly seeing it in a fashion boutique :) THAT WOULD BE THE BEST!! is open for sale to anyone!!
IMG_0811.jpg picture by PirateSelphie
IMG_0812.jpg picture by PirateSelphie

IMG_0809.jpg picture by PirateSelphie 

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