Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I present to you
my first piece of clothing ever fully made to where it is actually wearable and in way neat order than past projects I have failed.I really had to push myself to finish this one, but I guess that is how fashion works. You really need a lot of patience, calmness, thinking, and motivation . There were time where I messed up and I had to redo the seams on some parts, countless maybe, nothing noticeable though. I am happy, even though the craftsmanship isn't quite on spot, that I completed it! This was something small for me to learn a little on sewing and fashion and to grow into a better designer all around. If you have any critiques and comments feel free to TYPE AWAY♥♥♥
On the other hand, I have also posted some photos of 
my weekend, including my trip to Texas Art Supply, where I went somewhat madly crazy getting canvas' because my mother bought them for me ( MERCI BEAUCOUP MA MERE♥) and pictures of the beautiful lofts/apartments in Houston that SOMEDAY!! JUST SOMEDAY!! I WILL LIVE IN HAPPILY WITH MY SUCCESSFUL CAREER :) "crossing fingers"

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