Saturday, March 26, 2011

New Illustration of Fashion Dress Design♥ Neon Colors Falling

I have had this idea in my brain
for quite some time and finally made it. I feel like I didn't do it justice to how I imagined it but this is just a quick illustration I made in PaintTool SAI. I would love to someday make this dress and have someone adore it enough to purchase and wear it from me. Sometime soon, I am planning on visiting HCC or Art Institute to see if I can get enough FINANCIAL AID " cross toes and fingers" to get started on fashion design!! I really lean a lot more towards fashion design than anything else, honestly. My creativity flows like streams for fashion rather than art. I love art with all my passion, but I feel at best it should be saved for later. I will continue with my art, but I will not strive on making it alone as an artist. Art is becoming this big pool of fishes where other's are jumping in and claiming themselves artists/fishes, but in reality they're just turds/not artists and they are over casting the true talented people that have this skill and love for art, so instead of dealing with these pool of other so called "artists" stealing our TRUE TALENTED PEOPLE LIMELIGHT!!! AND EXHIBITS!! WALLS!! CANVAS'!! AND EVERYTHING!! I will go into something else I have the fullest passion for and something that you just can't pick up and claim yourself the master of easily like art to fool others blindsided by the B.S.
I WILL NOT FAIL YOU FASHION~~♥♥ Once I succeed in fashion, my art will gain it's correctly recognition. 

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