Friday, March 18, 2011

My Day and Finished Improvised Skirt from Old Dress I Had♥♥

One of my recent dresses tore from one of its straps
so I decided to cut the bottom part of the dress and change it into a skirt :). I had always had the idea to change it into a skirt ( I always wore the dress underneath shirts and what not ) so I converted it alas. This gave me more practice with learning to sew and fashion design. I sewed it with elastic. The only thing I can see is one of the sides of the skirt is shorter than the other. I might have to fix that when I have the time. I was confident enough though to wear my sewing creation today.
The necklace that you do see I purchased at Forever 21. I really loved it and had to contain myself so much at the store from the never ending beautiful thing's they have. The rest of my photos are me taking pictures of my darling playing tennis. I really loved the way my camera took the pictures. I did small editing on them. Nothing that is extreme but enough to add some spunk. If I only had the time of the universe to do and go and just make as I please, I would not stop with my creations, but right now life is being a fart to me with no time for anything, no money for a lot to buy, and just a complete fart lol I am trying to look for a WAAAAY better job though in the fields that I am talented and interested in soooo CROSSING MY FINGERS~~AND REALLY HOPING I GET A CALL SOMETIME SOON FOR THE PLACES I HAVE APPLIED :D

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