Thursday, August 9, 2012

Affordable Contemporary/Vintage Decor for Your Home♥

Hey everyone!
I decided to take the time on scoping out some affordable furniture that I am looking to embellish at my home, and at the same that I find some good deals, post some prices paired up with pictures on what you can get yourself. Either I suck at googling thing's specifically, or it is really hard to find furniture in my taste on the internet. What I am going for is a mix of contemporary furniture with I wouldn't say loud colors, but vivid colors, and also a hint ( a lot -_- ) of vintage detail. For the longest time I wanted a massive floor mirror for my living room to watch myself dance, and what not. Fascinatingly, I found some that are in my money digits. 
Hope you enjoy what I found. If you know of any other great websites that have stuff like this, please share for those who's eyes are burning, and stinging from looking to long on the computer!!  

Ornate Candle Holders - Bright Berry Pink - Set of 2

il 430xN.151697069 I want
Price Unknown Etsy store Fabulousness

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