Monday, August 27, 2012


I am pretty anxious and 
excited to really be celebrating my first Fashion Night Out for 2012. I had heard of the event last year, but never really heard of the meaning behind the whole bang. For those that still might be wondering what the heck is FNO, and is it just an excuse to dress up even more outrageously? You are kind of right about the second part. Fashion Night Out was created, and is stood by VOGUE magazine the creator, CFDA, and NYC & Company. This all started in 2009, when of course there wasn't much known of back then. It was made to be an INTERNATIONAL annual event to basically kick boom to the economy, and with those profits made on the day of FASHION NIGHT OUT, they are all given to charities for different causes. For example, FNO 2012 proceeds will be going to preventing AIDS and helping those affected, which is just great, and genius because fashion is internationally a money maker, and all for a good cause. Like I also said before, it is a day where you can also plan to wake up early, be waiting outside of stores waiting obsessively face against doors to get shopping on all those great deals that are done for this special day! YES! A lot of events like parties, sales, and more go on this same day! 
This years FNO will be taking place on September 6th, and I have posted a link below where you can find local events near you, and also where you can see all the celebrities, models,signers,fashion designers that are supportive, and where they will be that day. You could even be lucky enough to meet some of them. Most likely if you line in NYC -_-....luck's. Most of the events in Houston, TX if you are local to this location will be taking place at the Galleria Mall. Practically all the stores will be doing something, and THANK THE FASHION GODS I will be available that day to spend all my energy shopping, taking advantage of the parties/events, then get found later in an alley passed out from exhaustion with bags all over me and piss from holding it in. J/K hahaha!

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