Monday, August 27, 2012

James Franco tries at Fashion Clothing Line?

Recently, actor James Franco had decided
to collaborate with company 7 For All Mankind to create limited edition t-shirts. These t-shirts are designed with Polaroid stills taken by James Franco during a video/film shoot promoting the collection, that can also be viewed on YouTube or here! These designs are meant to embody the whole"California" feel ( you know?? like Pointe Break with Keanu Reeves? ), and you can get your hands on one of these mothers for $89. That is probably one of the most expensive t-shirts ( screen printed t-shirts ) I have heard of. If you are craving to jump into one of James Franco's works, you can on FASHION NIGHT OUT! Don't know what that is? I will explain in another post shortly. Tell me what you think of this clothing line? Should James Franco just stick to making films, acting in films, or is he super and mildly good at being a fashion designer?? 

James Franco 7 For All Mankind 



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