Saturday, August 25, 2012

Who's Designs?? Alice Temperley's♥ Fashion Designer

I am completely in love with
Alice Temperley's Fall 2012 Collection! The colors used for the flower embroidery, and basically all the design's play so well with each other. All looks look really remind me of a painting almost. They have that Spanish feel to them. Unfortunately at the moment, I can't afford these beautiful designs', and even more would love to see the process that went into designing the floral dress. Here are some images of her collection, and also links in case you can afford these beauties. 
Long Eliah Flower Dress $4115



  1. Alice Temperly's designs and collections keep a lot of women inspired. They are all elegant and beautiful.

  2. Definitely. I'll be posting up her spring/summer 2013 looks. They are amazing. It seems like she has this cohesive design for all her collection. Very consistent.

    Thank You,